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Fun & Safe



I have over 15 years of childcare experience working with kids of all ages. From babysitting and nannying to working at a nature preschool and running my own “pod” with children 2-5 years old at Prospect Park during the pandemic. 

While you are enjoying your much-needed parent picnic, I’m happy to provide text updates with pictures of your child’s wellbeing if helpful. I have experience with children ages 1-9, and generally restrict the number of children to 2 per picnic. However if you wish to coordinate a larger group, please reach out! I’m always available to discuss special options for larger groups. 

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My number one priority is physical and emotional safety. I use calming techniques and respectful de-escalating communication to support kids through rough moments and curate a safe playing environment. I prefer to let children choose their own activities in the park as long as they are safe, close enough to pick up spots, and reasonable.

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